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Thank you so much for being part of our milestone and making it memorable. Couldn’t have got any one better! Your kindness and heart shone through and made the whole ceremony even better. Wishing you lots of success and hope we meet again soon. Cheers bud!

With love,

Being the MC that he is, Jonathan was one of the main reasons why the wedding reception took off the way it did. Our reception was brought to life by him despite being a very small intimate crowd. He was able to keep the entire event upbeat with a lot of fun. He was the sole reason for the entire participation of the crowd gathered, Thanks to Jonathan our people were kept entertained all throughout

With love,

My wedding was a different wedding, a pandemic one at that! And it was a mix of two different cultures and bringing them together was a tough task. But it was a piece of cake for Jonathan, our emcee. He can bring people together in a split second and have them hooting and howling in no time. If you're looking for reassurance of his skills, then this is it - He's the best kind there is for any type of wedding and you can always count on him to be there for you - just like fam!


Jonathan hosted our wedding reception on 09 January 2021 at Taj MG Road, Bangalore.

He was very friendly and accommodating from the word go. At first, Andrea and I ran him through the flow of the event like we wanted it, but Jonathan gave some great suggestions on what could be improved and the little details made a huge difference to our event.

Our reception was a roaring success, despite having a small crowd due to COVID restrictions. Everything went off really well and Jonathan got everyone to be really comfortable on the dance floor, had great wit, and no one from the audience felt out of place.

Our wedding reception was a huge success thanks to Jonathan.


Jonathan Smith was the rightful MC by our voluntary choice in my daughter's wedding reception in April '2013. It was a memoriable experience to all of us. We still carry the fond and cherishable memories of the occasion. He was and is still a delight to mix with. God bless you always Jonathan. Best of luck.

Moncy and I knew what we wanted right from the beginning, the main thing being- ' To be part of an enjoyable and engaging experience'! We clearly knew we didn't want to be the mannequins on stage without getting to hit the dancefloor. That's where Jonathan created magic and ensured that he didn't just facilitate, collaborate and entertain people but carried off all our plans in a smooth manner! Our meetings with him were chill and we saw each of our likes come live around us, one after the other, for our Reception day! It all happened seamlessly that we didnt realize the efforts behind it all 😅 The best part of the process was to see a client turn into a pal because of the good vibes, aura and energy he pulled throughout the planning process as well as the wedding itself! Can't thank him enough for making our day a fun time for family & friends and a special wish come true for us!!

To be part of an enjoyable and engaging experience!

Our wedding was a blast and it’s all thanks to Jonathan Smith who is more like a brother to us. Weappreciate how he managed to keep all our guests on the dance floor. Jonathan did an amazing job by keeping the crowd lively and joyful throughout the evening , and very interactive with the guests. He also came up with lot of ideas which made our event more fun, beautiful and memorable.

We had so many guests coming up to us telling us this was the best wedding they’ve ever been to and they all raved about how amazing our MC was . So proud of you and thank you soooooo muchhhhhh Johnny boy.


Eloquent & Incredible! The level of preparation that Jonathan goes through before the ceremony was incredible, his co-ordination and planning was excellent and the manner he conducted the reception was brilliant. His innate ability to connect with the gathering and ensure that everyone had a good time was amazing.

Thanks Jonathan!!!

Jonathan smith...what can I say. You were like a breath of fresh air. Your style is something else. Keep up the good work...and hope we meet again. Cheers.

On hosting at the Goan Carnival, February 2014
- Crimson Tide, Goan band

Hey Johnny,
“Just wanted to say a big thank you for your fabulous work for our wedding. You are an absolute delight. Thank you for your professionalism and expertise, your wonderful way with words, your very personable approach and your great sense of humour. You made everyone feel welcome, relaxed and connected.”

We were looking for an MC for our outdoor wedding and were referred to Jonathan by a friend. Jonathan met with us before the wedding and helped us extensively plan the whole sequence. His attention for detail is commendable. During the wedding he organized games, quizzes for the guests and kept everyone in splits with his sense of humor. He comes across as a pleasing and amicable person, and that went down very well with the guests. The event went off flawlessly and his MC'ing played a major role in that.
Thanks Jonathan!